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Don't just take our word for it, here is a snapshot of some of our clients views about our delivery. Our customers are the cornerstone of our business and we would be delighted to introduce you to them so you can hear first hand about our service.

Please read some our clients testimonials below.
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"Working with Claritas has helped to grow our business and to improve the service that we offer our brand partners. Clartias identified a number of key areas where we could improve the quality of our European network while reducing our overall costs. Their project teams have worked closely with us to ensure a seamless transition from our old networks to our new ones. Companywide communications have been dramatically improved. We continue to work closely with Claritas to identify further projects that will have an equally positive impact on our organisation. Hubs Bakshi, Head of IT McArthurGlen "I would like to thank the team at Claritas for their detailed, timely and professional approach to the deployment of Checkpoint Technology in our outsourced call centres. The installation to replace out older Checkpoint Technology across 4 high capacity locations was seamless and deployed within one month from the start of the installation phase. This could only be achieved by meticulous planning by the Claritas installation team with close cooperation with Capita personnel. Our historic experience of large firewall deployments has been arduous at best however this time our expectations were exceeded." Roger Jones, Voice & Data Manager, Capita "The original Asbestos Risk Management application was completed to such a high standard and within the limited time scale required, that it has became fundamental to our wider business. It also established and secured a strong and trusted partnership that continues to this day. I am confident that this new application extension will be similarly appreciated." Barnaby Jagger, Project Manager, Network Rail "Our relationship with Claritas is based on total trust, which is so essential in our business. We provide a vital lifeline to millions and it is crucial that our site works faultlessly 24/7. The team who handle our IT have fundamentally changed our business by getting our new website to be all functioning and instantly reactive. And its introduction happened seamlessly. The project management, enthusiasm and responsiveness of Claritas continue to be the reason we contract the company" John Makin, Finance Director of NRS "Resource Manager has signicantly improved efficiency and accuracy within our loans department and has become a crucial part of our day to day processes." Paul Brow, Principal Learning Support Officer, Media Services, LMU "Working with Claritas extends Emerald’s ability to develop and operate our mission critical websites, reduces IT management risks and provides us with excellent value for money. We are now engaged on a number of strategic development projects where Claritas can contribute expertise and resources to supplement Emerald’s in-house team." Brian McDermott, CTO, Emerald Group "Claritas immediately understood our dilemma of thousands of "live" emails, our legal requirement of an accessible archive and the need for a no disruption installation. Their team’s in depth analysis, intelligent solution and hugely successful implementation pleased everyone, and provided the Clarion IT team with complete reassurance that such a critical business resource was well protected." Nigel Stott, IT Director, Clarion "The secret of our success stems from building long-term relationships with clients, based on trust and partnership. Working with Claritas to develop our client portal allows us to provide a first-class service.The system acts as the vital link in a time sensitive marketplace." Andrew Coulson, Systems Manager, Northern Marine Underwriters Ltd "Right from the word go Claritas understood where our IT strategy could be enhanced and proposed an intelligent solution. Working with my IT team we completed a detailed review and project plan, which was a huge undertaking. Once the programme was in place we saw improvements literally overnight enabling our systems to run effectually and smoothly." Andrew Haswell, Head of IT, SMD "Essentially Claritas and our IT team have thrown a security blanket around the organisation for everyone’s benefit. Our new security solution has completely integrated all functions, making it much easier to control all aspects of network protection from a single console. This gives our IT team more time for strategic IT planning, rather than handling day-to-day snags and issues. With our partner Claritas, we conducted a 3D Security Analysis on our network, which clearly highlighted the areas in which we needed to tighten security to help achieve accreditation." John Parker, Head of Information Technology, FMG

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